Capital Group Holdings aggregates complementary institutions, organizing and compiling an extensive catalog of products and services which allows us to attract and maintain a large customer base while retaining the flexibility to adjust to rapidly changing market and legislative conditions.

By leveraging our strategic vision, operational support, and partner network, our businesses enjoy rapid expansion within their respective spheres. For more information on our divisions,visit our business section.


Where others see daunting challenges as the Health and Wellness, Financial Services, and Technology landscapes under-go sweeping change, Capital Group Holdings sees remarkable opportunity. Our enthusiasm is tempered by decades of experience in these sectors. We implement aggressive, fundamentally sound acquisition and growth strategies designed to maximize returns for our investors and partners. As such we produce flexible, light-weight products and solutions to match the ever-changing needs of our constituents.


At Capital Group Holdings we are committed to finding and developing industry leading talent. We draw heavily on the experience and broad capabilities of the people within our building and foster a culture of trust, openness, and accountability.


Openness and accountability are central in our pursuit of excellence in our endeavors and are fundamental to our strength as an organization.