OneHealthPass™ (“OHP”) is a membership program that provides access to board-certified physicians via the telephone and internet. Membership is billed monthly and members may utilize the service at any time. Should our members require additional consultations, there is a small surcharge that is added to their billing to accommodate additional consultations. OneHealthPassTM offers the following features:

  • • Immediate access to consultations 24/7/365
  • • Treatment for non-emergency ailments (cold & flu, allergies, sinus problems, bronchitis, etc.)
  • • Telephonic or live video consultations over a broadband connection
  • • Highly secure HIPAA compliant electronic health record (EHR) storage and retrieval
  • • 24-hour customer service agents

Capital Group plans to aggressively market OneHealthPass™ direct to consumers via local television and internet marketing campaigns. The Company plans to leverage the exposure of television advertising with a complex, information-driven Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) campaign to educate prospective members on the benefits of OneHealthPass™. Our Direct Response Television (“DRTV”) program is anticipated to create millions of impressions and a significant number of new OneHealthPassTM memberships. We believe that having access to physicians via the telephone and web, as well as access to nearby urgent care centers can provide them with most of their basic healthcare needs. OneHealthPassTM was created to lead Capital Group’s growth by providing broad access to telehealth services in conjunction with new urgent care clinics in each new state.