OneHealth Urgent Care (“OneHealth UC” or “OHUC”) provides walk-in, extended hour access for acute illness and injury care that is either beyond the scope or availability of the typical primary care practice or retail clinic, or a referral service from a OneHealthPassTM member. OHUC centers are full-service board certified-staffed urgent care clinics that provide convenient access to affordable, high-quality care for episodic acute events requiring immediate attention, initially serving the greater metro Phoenix community.

OneHealth Urgent Care customers experience an average service time (check-in to check-out) of under 40 minutes (better than industry average), versus more than four hours, on average, for ER wait times. The cost of an urgent care visit is one-sixth the cost of an ER visit. OHUC provides care on a walk-in basis between 8 am and 8 pm, the hours which account for 80% of ER visits. OneHealth Urgent Care’s performance has exceeded expectations. OHUC revenues exceeded $5.4 million in 2011, growing at least 30% since 2010.

Additional OneHealth Urgent Care facts include:

  • • Opened 7th clinic in October 2012
  • • Emphasis on providing a patient-centric experience
  • • 99% customer satisfaction
  • • Always staffed with a licensed, board certified providers, most of whom are physicians
  • • Ability to deal with high acuity medical conditions
  • • 40 min door-to-door time or less for 90% of patients
  • • Equipped with digital x-ray, lab, Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • • Branded, with passive and active marketing and advertising campaigns

OneHealth Urgent Care clinics are located in cities with high ER volume, strong demographics and busy primary care physicians. OneHealth Urgent Care is actively seeking prospective site locations for de novo clinics in Arizona and Nevada and has generated potential leads for acquisitions in Arizona, California and Nevada. OneHealth Urgent Care operates billing and collection process that have overseen significant improvement in Days Sales Outstanding ("DSO") over time. Using Electronic Medical Records ("EMR"), electronic submissions whenever possible, and sending out claims within 24 hours helps expedite insurance payments. There are numerous processes in place to ensure accuracy of bills going out, tracking of all incoming payments, resulting in rapid posting, supported by vigorous, detailed policies for following up on denied claims. All billing and collections are processed in-house.

OneHealth Urgent Care will deliver a far-reaching direct-to-consumer television campaign designed to create approximately three million impressions per month. This campaign will be managed separate from the DRTV for OneHealthPassTM, with both designed to complement each other.